3 Common Causes Of Motorcycle Accidents

Winter is almost over, which means soon the roads of South Carolina will be seeing a growing number of motorcyclists. Unlike other motorists, motorcycles don’t have the same protective structures with the vehicles. This makes motorcyclists more susceptible to injury.

Unfortunately, even if a motorcyclist follows the rules of the road and wears the best safety gear possible, they can still fall victim to personal injury. To help keep you safe this spring, here are three of the most common causes of motorcycle injuries to be aware of.

  1. Other drivers. Motorists are often negligent when it comes to checking the road for motorcyclists. Oftentimes, a driver will check for other cars instead of motorcyclists when making a turn or changing lanes. Drivers who fail to check for motorcyclists not only put the motorcyclist’s life at risk but also their own. Certain factors like traffic, blind spots, and distractions can keep a driver from spotting you if they don’t look carefully enough.
  2. Vehicle doors. A driver doesn’t always have to be actively on the road to cause a motorcycle accident. Some motorists fail to check twice to see if a motorcyclist is coming before they open their car doors on the streets, in parking lots, or even in traffic. This can cause a motorcyclist to hit the car door and become injured. It can also cause the motorcyclist to hit the door and run into traffic where they can be hit by a car.
  3. Road conditions. The weather may be warming up with spring on the way, but it’s still important to check the weather before heading out. Some conditions can be unpleasant while others are outright unsafe for motorcyclists to ride in. Poor weather conditions paired with other factors like traffic, construction, potholes, poor road design, and slick pavements are a recipe for disaster.

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South Carolina is unfortunately infamous for its car accidents. In 2015 alone, there were 56,804 traffic accidents in the state of South Carolina. There are many different factors that can cause a traffic accident, but sometimes it’s a driver’s negligence or recklessness that’s at fault.

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