Bicycle Accident Lawyers in Columbia, South Carolina

    South Carolina and Georgia weather is ideal for biking for most of the year. Add in the desire to be environmentally friendly, and many local residents choose to make biking their primary commuting method. Unfortunately, lack of appropriate bike lanes and inattentive drivers often create a recipe for disaster.

    When an accident does happen, it will be investigated just like any other traffic collision. The police will look to see whether any traffic laws were violated and who had the right of way. It’s important to remember that bicycles have full rights to use local roadways just like any other vehicle, and that drivers need to take care to check for bicycles when making turns or leaving driveways.
    Unfortunately for bicyclists, even though they have full rights to the road, injuries are often one-sided. A helmet simply isn’t enough to protect against several tons of metal. Because most bicycle accidents result in severe injuries, including head trauma, neck pain and back pain, medical treatment can be expensive and the victim may face significant lost time from work as they recover.

    If you’ve been injured in a bicycle accident, contact our firm to learn more about your rights to receive compensation for your injuries and how to prove who was at fault. You may receive a tempting settlement offer from the at-fault driver’s insurance company, but have that offer evaluated by an experienced professional to make sure it will fully compensate you for your long-term care, lost time from work, and possible permanent disability.

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