How To Find The Best Car Accident Attorney For You

In South Carolina, a car accident occurred about every 4 minutes in 2015, and a person suffered personal injuries in a crash approximately every 9 minutes. Finding a good lawyer after a car accident can be difficult. Timing is critical because you need to find one fast to take care of your best interests. How can you find an attorney that is right for you? Here are three tips for finding the best car accident attorney to handle your case.

Know What To Look For

There are a few things you need to keep in mind while looking for a car accident lawyer. One of the top factors to consider is their experience. How long have they been in business? What is their standing in the legal community? Have they gone to trial before and if so, what’s their success rate?

Try to find out information on any settlements they may have obtained. Find out also how long their cases typically take. Look up and evaluate any negative reviews about the auto accident lawyer or firm online. This will help you determine how much experience the lawyer has with similar cases like yours.

Have A Consultation

You will need to meet with a car accident attorney to discuss your personal injury claim. During this time, the attorney will make a decision on whether or not to take the case. This is also the time for you to evaluate the lawyer on being the right fit for you. Ask if the lawyer would be the one personally handling the case or if it would be passed on to a member of their team. If so, you will want to meet that auto accident attorney as well before making any decision to proceed.

Have A Settlement Discussion

You will need to give the lawyer every detail you can think of regarding your car accident. This will help the lawyer evaluate how much your case may be worth. You should let your lawyer know what your settlement intentions are. Do you want to get the case over as quickly as possible and only may pay off the accident bills? Do you want an amount higher than what the insurance company is willing to give or do you want to fight it out for every penny no matter how long it takes?

Choosing the best car accident attorney for your situation is absolutely critical. You want to be able to find someone you can trust to fight for you all the way. Research and evaluate ahead of time any lawyer you are considering for your case. You can then choose the best auto accident lawyer for your case and know it’s in good hands.

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