Slip & Fall Accident Attorney in Columbia, South Carolina

    Every year in the U.S., slip-and-fall accidents cause millions of injuries, resulting in significant medical costs and other accident-related damages. Falls can cause fractures, sprains and strains  even head, neck and spine injuries caused by the body’s impact with a hard floor or other surface. While some of your medical costs may be covered by your own insurance, many slip-and-fall accidents result in costs far exceeding any personal hospitalization insurance coverage limits. And what if you don’t have insurance?

    The first step in establishing a successful slip-and-fall case is in determining that the accident was caused by the negligence of the property owner. Typically, that involves a comprehensive investigation of the accident scene and surrounding details, including photographs, witness testimony and, sometimes, an independent investigator. To ensure the most accurate testimony from witnesses and to promote a thorough investigation, it’s critical to work with an attorney as soon as possible following the accident so the case can move forward and you can be compensated as quickly as possible. Having attorney representation from the beginning also helps ensure your medical costs will be covered, even if you don’t have health insurance of your own. We can write a letter of protection so doctors know your costs will be paid from any settlement you receive.

    At Best & Flatt, P.A., we’ve been helping personal injury victims get the compensation they need for slip-and-fall accidents and other personal injury accidents for more than two decades. If you’ve been injured in a slip-and-fall accident due to someone else’s negligence, call us right away at 803-252-1800 and learn how we can help.

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