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Workers’ Compensation

Our Columbia SC workers comp lawyers can get you the medical and income benefits you deserve if you’ve been injured on the job.

Verdicts & Settlements

Personal Injury: $500,000

Our client was hit by a commercial vehicle going at a high rate of speed. He had injuries primarily to his knee, not requiring surgery. Medical expenses totaled approximately $90,000. Suit was filed, and case settled prior to trial for $500,000.

Personal Injury: $375,000

$375,000 for a trip and fall in a local grocery store. The client suffered knee injury requiring surgery and significant lost wages. Liability was disputed by the store but the case was eventually settled.

Workers Compensation: $700,000

Client suffered a fall at work resulting in multiple fractures and surgeries. Total and permanent disability was alleged. The workers comp case was settled for $700,000.

Workers Compensation: $740,000

A man received a severe head injury while performing on the job activities. He was left with a catastrophic brain injury requiring long-term care. The workers comp case was settled for $740,000.

Premises Liability/Wrongful Death: $3.2 Million

A man was killed due to a hazardous condition created by a major corporation and supplier. He left behind two adult children. The case was resolved at mediation for $3.2 million.

Dram Shop/Auto Accident/Wrongful Death: $550,000

Our clients sister was killed after a night of drinking at a local establishment when the driver she was riding with, while intoxicated, crashed into another car. Major issues of comparative negligence were raised. Sum total of recovery between car insurance and tavern liability (dram shop) was $550,000.

Car Accidents: $1 Million

Our two clients, a husband and wife, were hit by a drunk driver. Both of them spent weeks in the hospital with multiple surgeries. The at-fault driver had fairly low coverage, but the clients had good under insured motorist coverage. Total recovery was $1 million, which was the combined policy limits.

Workers Compensation: $300,000

Our client had a head injury following a concussion at work. She had some orthopedic complaints as well. An IME procured by defense counsel indicated she had a very limited impairment and was fully able to work. We were able to obtain a statement from the primary treating physician indicating that she was totally and permanently disabled due to organic brain injury. Recovery after mediation was $300,000.

Workers Compensation: $200,000

Our client had a herniated disk following a work-related injury. He had fusion surgery by a neurosurgeon. Our contention was that he was permanently and totally disabled. Recovery was $200,000.

Slip & Fall/Brain Injury: $495,000

Our client slipped and fell on a foreign substance in a local grocery store. It was alleged that the grocer either caused or had notice of the substance, and that our client sustained permanent brain injury following a concussion. A lawsuit was filed, and voluminous discovery was conducted, including multiple depositions of medical providers and fact witnesses. The defense denied being at fault and denied the extent of the injuries. The case settled at mediation for $495,000.

Medical Malpractice/Wrongful Death: $500,000

A man presented to his family physician with various symptoms and test results indicating cardiac disease. He was let go with no substantial treatment. Shortly afterward he died of a heart attack. Case was settled with the insurance company for the practice group in the amount of $500,000.

Car Versus Horse Accident: $300,000

Our client ran into a horse which got loose from adjoining property. Our claim was that the horse owner was negligent in failing to keep the horse confined, including improper fencing. Client sustained significant injuries to the spine. A settlement of $300,000 plus future payments of $2,000/month for lifetime was achieved.

Dram Shop/Wrongful Death: $500,000

Two minors procured alcohol from a package store and became intoxicated. Later that evening they ran off the road and were killed in a one-car accident. Suit was filed and extensive discovery conducted. Major issues of comparative negligence were raised. The case settled prior to trial for $500,000.

Insurance/Personal Injuries: $600,000

A man was seriously injured while driving a work truck. At issue was how many policies of under insured motorist coverage he could stack, or accumulate. They were business policies, and he owned the business. The insurer took the position that the business was the insured, not the man, and that he could not stack policies. Case settled while in litigation in federal court for $600,000.

Slip & Fall: $275,000

Our client slipped and fell in a chain retail store on what appeared to be liquid detergent. Suffered an injury to the elbow/arm region resulting in surgery. We settled the case at mediation for $275,000.

Verdicts & Settlements Disclaimer

These verdicts and settlements are actual cases. More details are available from the firm. Each case is different. The facts, the law, the age of the injured person, the severity of the injury, the makeup of the jury and the rulings of the judge, are some of the factors that make each case different. The cases listed here are not a guarantee that if you have a similar claim, you will get a similar settlement. Any result we may have achieved on behalf of clients in other matters does not necessarily indicate similar results can be obtained for other clients.